Monday, May 19, 2003

changing the look and feel of my site, and oh yes, bringing it back to blogger! One of the primary reasons being: Updaid doesn't seem to support Bloglet! Damn! Too bad........ :o(

Monday, April 29, 2002

what my friend mandar thinks of this site
this is a chat i'm having with good friend of mine abt this blog...don't take him too seriously.

anish_raju: hmm..that shore is critical
mandar: nahi re...... there si no content
anish_raju: buddy, the whole idea of a blog is to write some stuff everyday..its not static..nor does it come with prdefined grows every day....
anish_raju: so u wanna see content, and also a [peek into what i think of the links that i keep adding, then u need to keep visiting the blog every once in a while
mandar: where is your blog?
anish_raju: abe..the site u visited is my blog..
mandar: yaeh..... but u dont write anything in it
anish_raju: abe tereko dikhaae nahee pad raha hai kya?
anish_raju: what is the first topmost thing u see on the page?
mandar: just a sec
mandar: give me the page id again....
mandar: what i mean is blogs are very few and far apart
mandar: they are just 2 liners man...... direction less.....
mandar: most blog sites i have visited are fabul....people write lotta things
anish_raju: hmm..that my friend is something i agree on..and will change..u will soon see me spouting a lot of philosophy on fact some of teh latest is abt to be posted on it..

just out from a mega meeting ......lasted 4 hours and achieved absolutely next to nothing.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

I have my archive online, so right-click here to get some of my quizzes. If u like it, leave a note for me.

will be putting up archives of quizzes i conducted at Ramco & SIFY soon.

i'm on a quiz site hunt on the here's another one..Mindturf seems to be a decent site with quizzing contests and all BUT u need to register at, which they direct u to.
here's another one: Quizplayers is a british site with quizzing info, stats on quizzers & quiz shows in britain.

quiz site here
here's a quiz site which i over looked. BTW, this site is a certified ISO 9001 portal (?). The guy who runs the site was the quizmaster at the IT Quiz 2001 in Bangalore: Quizbrain

cool quizzer
dunno how i missed getting to this page..till today that is...
has been quizzing and quizzarding for some time now, and most importantly, i like his style of questions! BTW, check out his site's the reverse of his name..h s e r u s ..straightened gives idea if u r running out of site names to register, and still want to retain a sense of individuality in ure site name.

Gave the Mastermind eliminations at 12pm today at the TAG centre. questions were much better and definitely tougher than last time around.Sample some of the questions:
1.Who was the captain of England when India played the 1st ODI against them in 1974?
2.Where was the first football World Cup held?
3.Who is the mother of Daniel Charls(i think) and an erstwhile model for Estee Lauder?
Met up with some familiar faces there....